They can try various techniques and use countless tools to achieve their desired sound. oh yeah, i have a epiphone les paul and a … i want to know what distortion pedal and possibly a noise suppressor i should buy,, price isnt much of a concern.

The Fuzz pedal is used to create old school distortion.

get a great clean sound with only a touch of distortion, and to that plug in a distortion pedal which sounds good to you!

What distortion pedal should i get? Any recommendations? Some distortion pedals are very intense, in fact so much that it can create an insanely distorted sound that some listeners really aren’t comfortable with. i play metal stuff like shadows fall, jason becker, dragon force, pantera, and other bands like that.

As we discussed earlier, tube amplifiers clip asymmetrically and emphasize even order harmonics.

Guitarists can experiment with different styles to find ones that suit their preferences. I have a vox AD30 amp and an american deluxe strat. For example, pedals can be used to produce interesting effects for a guitar player while they play. The reason I need another pedal is because of the looper. Posted on February 6, 2020 April 29, 2020 by Dan Harper. What distortion/overdrive pedal +plus wah pedal should I get? (I like the Zoom G3, you can stomp individual fx on/off). Should I Get A Distortion Or Overdrive Pedal? share. If you decide later on to get a dedicated fuzzbox, you can still use the noise-supression, tuner, compressor, eq, etc.

I’m also trying to keep it under $100 as well. I do agree with the 1st poster that you seem to be on the fast route to get a muddied up signal.

Best to either use the amp's gain knob to get distortion OR! Now here's the thing. Amplifier distortion and pedal distortion: The combinations are absolutely limitless here, but it takes lots of experimenting to get a tone that works.

Im looking for a standard distortion sound, but I want it to sound good, if anybody has any other pedals they own and would like to recommend (not necessarily distortion then please go ahead.)

Get a multi-fx pedal so you can experiment with a few different settings. ( not to good, Im hoping to get new guitar and amp when I get a job (I'm 15) Ive been playing for 2.5 years, and Im pretty good I guess. Right now I’m looking at the MXR Super Badass Distortion pedal.

I'm thinking about getting an overdrive or some kind of distortion pedal. 7 comments. So I'm strictly a Boss/DOD pedal kinda guy. I have a fernandes monterey (cheap one, not elite), and line 6 15 watt. I can do lead work and solos.

The pedals I currently have right now are a big muff pi and DL8 digitech delay/looper. Pedals can clip either way--so the only way to figure out if something sounds good is to try it. What distortion pedal should I get?