Ein Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) ist nach Definition der RFC eine kompakte Abfolge von Zeichen, die eine abstrakte oder physische Ressource identifizieren. No. Comparison Chart; Definition; Key Differences; Conclusion

People who are well-versed in URI matters tend to use "URL" and "URI" in ways that seem to be interchangable.

URI vs. URL. If the Google API used redirect_url instead of redirect_uri, would anyone really care? are useless to most developers, only because it drives pointless (non-productive, insignificant to decision making) debate.

URI is more common term as compared to URL and URN which are more limited in a sense. No, I think you're right. As such, a URL is a non-persistent type of the URI. People are not convinced that URI and URL mean the same thing, in documents where they (apparently) do.

URI vs. URL: What’s the Difference? Since a URL identifies a resource using one of the URI schemes, it is a subset of URI. Key Differences between URI and URL. Content: URL Vs URI. The semantics of URI vs URL vs URL vs URI-ref etc. It must be a URL. The difference between URI and URL may be a bit confusing, but the following section will guide you through both the above topics and try to increase your understanding regarding the difference between URI and URL. Among these experts, this isn't a problem. November 19, 2007 / damnhandy Updated (1/18/2011) : Because there’s still a lot of confusion, I’ve created a third post that attempts to resolve a lot of the questions from the comments on the last two posts. But among the Internet community at large, it is. Does the difference between URL and URI have anything to do with whether it has a fragment identifier?

L'URL est simplement un sous-groupe contenu par l'URI. Is a tel: URI a URL or a URN? Das kann z.B.

For example tel:1-800-555-5555.

It doesn't start with urn: and it has a protocol for reaching a resource over a network. In short, the main difference between a URI and a URL is that the former acts as a resource identify either by location name or both, while the latter acts as the location. – … Il n'y avait pas besoin de distinguer les deux puisque la plupart du temps en utilisant le terme URL était correct.

Il était seulement destiné à pointer vers l'emplacement de la ressource avec une indication du protocole nécessaire. When one sees an RFC that talks about URI schemes (e.g. Key Difference – URI vs URL The two terms Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) and Uniform Resource Locator (URL) are sometimes used interchangeably. Both URLs with and without fragment identifiers are URLs (and URIs.) The URL and URI can be differentiated with the fact that URI can represent the URL and the URN of the resource at the same time, but URL just can specify the address of the resource.