The bending stiffness and torsional stiffness values were tested at both … Stiffness is important for handling and noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH). Some torsion testing ideas from Oess [5] were also used. The calculator is only valid for sizing of solid/hollow circular shafts. The following pages provide the formulas for calculating the torsional section properties of structural steel shapes. Torsion of Solid and Hollow Shaft Calculator to calculate shear stress, angle of twist and polar moment of inertia parameters of a shaft which is under torsion. Structural engineers occasionally need to determine the section properties of steel shapes not found in the current edition of the Handbook of Steel Construction (CISC 2000). For the same design, steel has a significant advantage in available choices. A table of stiffness values for 20 standard pipe supports sizes in the NPS 2”-40” range. The table will have axial, lateral, vertical, and torsional stiffness of the clamp/support, and can be used by Engineering Consultants (ECs) involved in piping layout, pipe stress analysis, … If it is not possible or economically practical to relieve the pipe expansion joint of excessive torsional loading, then PT&P's designers can provide anti-torsion features to the pipe expansion joints which prevent these loads from damaging the bellows elements. In addition to the inherent stiffness associated with the part’s material and geometry, NVH characteristics can be improved with lightweight polymer foams. vii Contents Foreword v Contents vii summary ix IntroduCtIon 1 1.1 Torsion of beams 1 1.2 Scope of this publication 2 1.3 Terminology and symbols 3 1.4 References to Eurocode 3 4 elastIC theory oF torsIon 7 2.1 St Venant torsion 7 2.2 Warping torsion 9 2.3 Relative magnitudes of St Venant torsion Depending on the type of plastic pipe and cell classifications, the mechanical design properties for initial and 50 year tensile strengths varies from 30% to 52.9%, and the modulus of elasticity varies from 20% to 36% for their short term properties.

The main differences are the specific material property to be used (Shear Modulus of Rigidity) and the polar moment of inertia (which is very similar to the area moment of inertia used in bending).

Crash resistance, on the other hand, is more closely associated with strength. …
Pipe stiffness decreases with time under constant load. TEST METHODS Three sets of stiffness tests were performed for each hose: bending stiffness, torsional stiffness and axial stiffness. Products that are subject to a torsional load often require analysis similar to what we use for bending stiffness.