Now, anything you play on the Netflix app will be played on your TV via Chromecast.

Similar to using an iPhone, all you’ll need is the Netflix app. Follow the troubleshooting steps for your device below to resolve the issue.

When you’re using AirPlay, the video is actually going through your device. If you do not have the Google Home app, download it … And you’ll be able to control the playback using your iPhone or iPad (similar to AirPlay). There’s only a technical difference here. Tap on it, and select your Chromecast.

If the Cast icon is missing when you try to watch Netflix on your Chromecast, it typically points to information on the device you're trying to cast from that needs to be refreshed. Before you set up Netflix on your Chromecast, make sure your Netflix app is up to date; Android devices need to have the app version 2.4 or higher, while iOS …