... Stanmore II Voice. The Marshall Stanmore II Voice stays where it’s placed, so there’s not much concern about it breaking or being dropped. Built with advanced components, it produces clean and precise audio that can easily be controlled by your voice, even at the highest levels. Marshall Voice “Play my chillout playlist.” The most helpful speakers in the collection. 350mm / 13.78" Height. When it comes to audio brands, one of the most recognizable in the market is the Marshall speakers.

Stanmore II Voice ist der vielseitigste Lautsprecher in der Marshall-Reihe und ist perfekt für jeden Raum, groß oder klein. It’s not exactly small, measuring 13.78 x 7.68 x 7.28 inches (WxHxD) and weighing a hefty 10.47 pounds. Width. Er besteht aus hochentwickelten Komponenten und liefert selbst bei hohen Tönen einen klaren und präzisen Sound, den du mit deiner Stimme steuern kannst. Priced at PHP 26,990, the Marshall Stanmore II Voice isn’t a terrible speaker, but it isn’t a marvelous one either. Marshall Voice speakers combine the authentic Marshall sound and voice activation technology. Marshall Voice, Marshall speakers, Marshall headphones. Use this app for quick and easy setup of your Marshall Voice with Amazon Alexa speaker. Weight. 马歇尔 Marshall Stanmore II Voice 家用 语音智能... 2019年9月23日 - 00:11; 马歇尔 Marshall ACTON II VOICE 家用 语音智能 ... 2019年9月18日 - 00:12; 马歇尔 Marshall Bar Fridge 3.2 冰箱 2019 黑色版... 2019年6月1日 - 02:48; 马歇尔 Marshall Stockwell ii 二代 便携式 蓝牙... 2019年5月9日 - 10:59 Der Marshall Stanmore II Voice hat eine integrierte Google Assistant Sprachsteuerung in deutscher Sprache, mit der du eine Reihe grundlegender Funktionen wie Laut/Leise / Wiedergabe / Pause / Skippen steuern kannst. Marshall's Stanmore II Voice smart speaker improves upon the already-solid audio of the Stanmore II Bluetooth while adding your choice of Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice control to the mix. Stanmore II Voice is the most versatile speaker in the Marshall line-up and is perfect for any room, big or small. Watch out for liquid spills though, if it’s placed somewhere accessible. Like all of Marshall’s speakers, the design of the Stanmore II Voice is based on its years of rock audio heritage, inspired by the look of Marshall’s classic guitar amplifiers. 6240cm³ vs 12626.25cm³ Supports the following Marshall products: Acton II Voice with Amazon Alexa Stanmore II Voice with Amazon Alexa Uxbridge Voice with Amazon Alexa So the Stanmore II Voice looks exactly like you’d expect a Marshall speaker to look: big (35 x 20 x 19cm), wrapped in textured vinyl, with rotary controls on the top panel and salt-and-pepper acoustic cloth across the front. Marshall hasn’t been busy building itself a world-wide reputation for the past 6 decades just to throw its design aesthetic away now. Marshall is best known for its vast amp range but in recent years it has used its audio prowess to muscle in on the Bluetooth speaker market. The Marshall Stanmore II Voice is available to order now in the US for $399.99 - in the UK, it costs £349. The Marshall Stanmore II Voice looks just like the amp head for a Marshall stack. 50.58% less body volume?

Marshall Stanmore II Voice review. Der Stanmore II ist der vielseitigste Marshall-Lautsprecher und eignet sich für alle Räume, sowohl kleine als auch große. Customise the sound, rename your device, access user manuals, receive software updates and more. They feature a classic similar to Guitar speakers but It looks exquisite with its premium and vintage appearance, has several connectivity options, and the voice control is a great extra feature.

Why is Marshall Acton II Voice better than Marshall Stanmore II Voice?