1800 1963-73.

Credits: Modell: OHV Modding Textur: OHV … Volvo 242 Turbo The OHV Modding Team presents you today the Volvo 242 Turbo is available. Volvo needed many … 1800 1969-73. It was popular enough to stay in production longer than Volvo planned, and continued on through 1993. It is next month even a V2 come where the tachometers are adapted and the doors are Animates all can you open doors to tailgate and hood. 140 43 Red + Grey beige 44 Grey beige 45 Midnight blue + Grey beige 46 Red Amazon 1962-70. The most spectacular versions were the 242GT introduced in the late 1970´s and the 240 Turbo of the 1980´s marketed in North America, both cars offering spectacular performance and answering in full to the classical proverb 'a wolf in sheep?s clothing'. 1800 1964 1967-69 20 Pearl grey 21 Metallic red/Wine red 31 Midnight blue 33 Riviera blue 42 California white/Cascade White/Ivory Amazon 1962. From long ago and now largely forgotten, it’s the 1979 Volvo 242 GT. Code Colour Used on volvo model 19 Black PV444/544. The first three digits (189 in this case) is for Volvo's colour code 189 Polar White . - Framstolar - Baksäte - Dörrsidor fram och bak - Dörrmattor - Kartfack - Plastkåpor - Mattor - Dörrvevar, diverse ramar och skruvar Lite smutsig på bilderna men går lätt att tvätta bort. Mooie volvo amzon. Volvo paint color codes The paint color code can be find on the vehicle identification plate (VIN-plate) which is located under the hood. Alla delar är hela förutom främre dörrmattan på passagerarsidan. Volvo's paint codes were changed from December 1988. Har en mer eller mindre komplett inredning från en Volvo 242 till salu. Over the years, the Volvo 242 was produced with many different engines and gearboxes. In order to easily identity extra digits have been introduced which indicate if the paint is solvent or water based or has another quality. Both solvent and water based paints are now used on cars. The silver limited edition Volvo 242 GT was the first sports orientated Volvo model since the 1800, and promised to be something quite special. Technische goede auto verkeert in een nette staat met sporen van gebruik. The code you are looking for is 2 or 3 digits long, followed by a extra code (except most classic Volvos).

The 200 Series was an immensely important one for Volvo as a small and independent car manufacturer. Exmple: 850 has the paint code 189-21. Chassinummertabell för 200-serien Årsmodell Kod 242 244 245 262/262C 264 265 1975 B 1-53864 1-82979 1-54709 1-2429 1-9674 1-4 1976 E 53865-99679 82980-174909 54710-1153... Volvo 240 /260 - Vi skickar över hela världen! We wish you much fun with the Volvo. 140.PV544 48 Golden beige 49 Black + Grey beige 50 Grey … Amazon 1962-67. A new, modern entry into the midsize market, the 200 entered production in 1974. It runs on LS 15 standard and it has a trailer coupling for car trailer. Volvo Amazon 121S bouwjaar 1967 kleur blauw chassisnummer:132941M242474 , brandstof benzine, transmissie manueel, afgelezen km stand 89799 , motorinhoud 1998cc, voorzien van nederlands kenteken .