Go Karts come in several sizes and styles – from high-powered, mean racing machines to the motor-less models. Hoosier Racing Tire 11950D30A - Hoosier Dirt Oval Treaded Kart Tires Compare Tire, Kart, Dirt Oval Treaded, 11.50 x 9.0-6, Bias-Ply, Solid White Letters, D30A Compound, Each Tire Balancers. TSRacing.com: Online shopping at the largest racing go kart shop carrying Vega Tires, Briggs & Stratton,LO206, go kart parts, kart racing parts and go karting. 5" Studded or Knobby Tires. The 2nd number is the overall width. Vega Oval Tires. KART TIRES. There are 2 methods used to measure tires: 1: If a "x" separates the 1st 2 sets of numbers the 1st number is the overall diameter of the tire.

5" Go Kart & Mini Bike Tires. Maxxis Tires. Closeout Tires. Tire Gauges. Make sure to choose the right go cart or go kart tire for your type of machines, style of driving and the terrain that you race on. Inner Tubes. Burris Tires. Available in 6.0 and 4.50 configurations make the “Blues” the perfect inside mate for the new HT3-W. We have been selling tires for go-karts, dune buggies, ATV, dirt bikes, and other off-roaders for years. Maxxis “Blues” have earned the reputation as the best and fastest kart racing tire ever produced. This tire is designed for extra long life and performance. Dunlop Tires.

Scooter Tires.

Reading a date code. If you need a replacement go-kart tire or two, then this is the place for. Finally, a true spec tire! Fun Kart / Mini Bike Tires. Tire Prep. EL stands for “entry level”. We offer a slew of go-kart tires for many popular brands from Baja Motorsports, Coolster, Hammerhead, Yerf-Dog, and more. Bridgestone Tires.

The variety of Go Kart models enhances the thrill of the race with each model having its own charm.
The last number represents the rim diameter. Order | Back to the Catalog | Rieken's Racing Rieken's Racing (319)373-2018 365 7th Ave., Marion, IA 52302 Tire Tools. 5" Turf Saver Tires. Hoosier Tires. Easily pack and transport your kart tires Measures - 30.5" Long, 12.5" Wide, 12.5" High Designed to fit a Full Set of 450x5 and 710x5 tires or four 7.10x5 Rear Tires, 4 Rain Tires or up to Six 450x5 Front Tires