You should always create video in 720p or higher. Google for "auto resize youtube video" and you will find lots of sites explaining the traditional solution - Wrap the iframe in a new div with a bottom padding of 56.25% and make the height & width of the iframe to be 100%. GOP of half the frame rate. Do not record or create vertical, square, 4:3, or 16:10 video, as it will have black bars on the sides when uploaded to YouTube. The YouTube player automatically frames videos to ensure that they are displayed correctly, without cropping or stretching, regardless of the size of the video or player. No bitrate limit required, although we offer recommended bitrates below for reference. Place the iframe code on your page, in this example above the iframe's container div (div.youtubevideowrap) has 2 CSS declarations for width, it has a width:80% and a max-width:640px. There are three problems with this solution - All of these resolutions are in the aspect ratio 16:9 widescreen. Alternatively, you can select the Theater mode button in the bottom corner of the video player to view your video in a large player without going into full screen, or the Miniplayer button to … For HD videos, use 720p, the minimum resolution for HD videos, or 1080p, the maximum resolution for HD videos on YouTube. Search Optimization. Doing so will give your videos a small HD badge in search results. Below are recommended upload encoding settings for your videos on YouTube. For example, the player frames 4:3 videos with vertical bars (pillarboxing) when those videos are played in a widescreen (16:9) player. The recommended YouTube video size for 2020 ranges from 2160p (3840x2160 pixels) for the best resolution to 280p (426 x 240 pixels) for the lowest accepted video quality. Content should be encoded and uploaded using the same frame rate that was used during recording. The first thing that you need is the YouTube iframe embed code, grab that in your video share options from the YouTube site. If you want to manually change the size of your video player, simply adjust the size of your browser.