But this would be made after following these simple steps: First step: Verify that your Asus router is ON and well linked to your computer. Click [Administration]. How to reset your password 1-Soft Reset: The soft reset refers to « software », which means that you are going to reset your Asus router password using your username and the router default password.

ASUS router Hard Factory Reset. 2. Click [OK]. To reset your router to the factory default settings, you can Press and Hold the Reset button on your router. 4. Click [Restore/Save/Upload Setting ] tab > Click "Restore" in [Factory default] . Use a pin or sharp-pointed pen to press and hold on the reset button for about 10-15 seconds. How to hard reset my ASUS router? ASUS recommends that you try the Hard Factory Reset before attempting any advanced troubleshooting. How to restore the ASUS wireless router to default setting? The power indicator should start to flash upon successful reset. Open a browser and enter the configuration page by inputting IP address or http://router.asus.com . However, in some cases, this may not successfully reset the router to the default status. (ASUSWRT) 1. 3.